Support Policy Of AZ Savvy

AZ Savvy is always ready to provide the best customer support to make their online purchase more convenient and easier. If resources are available and the support request is reasonable, customers will get basic troubleshooting support.

Here we are mentioning some crucial points about our support policy for customers. We have ensured a clear and easy support policy so that customers can understand it easily.

The AZ Savvy Support Help Desk is the exclusive source for all support services. We will not be able to assist with troubleshooting requests submitted through other channels.

Customers & Seller Only
Our support team mainly provides support for customers and sellers. But they must have a verified account of their own to get our customer service. The seller or the customer must log in to their account to get a particular customer support.

Business-critical operational support staff cannot be substituted for the help desk support services offered by the Help Desk. Customers agree not to use support services when failure to achieve the desired result could result in significant business losses.

Hours of Operation
We provide 24 hours customers’ service. We do it every day without any break. However, we might be unavailable for a short period if any technical issue arises or our team is facing difficulty to provide service.

Multichannel Communication
Direct physical customer service is different from online customer service. However, supporting policy is the same in both fields. It is all about satisfying customers.

Instant Email Response
Customers want fast feedback. That’s why we have offered our customers an easy way to contact us through email. They can access it from our website quickly.

For the quickest response to questions from customers, we have created separate email addresses for each type.
You can suggest, query, complain, or know any details regarding product information, delivery late, received wrong products or services, etc.  

We have already auto-replied the email option for particular queries. So, customers will get instant feedback. However, if required, our skills staffs will give reply based on the information you want to know or the problem you are facing.

Toll-free Telephone Number
Not all people are comfortable with email communication. Many of them prefer to talk directly with customer representatives.  
We have arranged a customer service toll-free number to allow customers to call, which appears on our home page. You won’t have to wait in line for long since we have enough staffs to hand in all calls.  

Live Chat Option
Apart from direct calls, we have a live chat option to contact us directly. We do respond to queries immediately. Regarding the question you have, we try our best to answer it appropriately.  

Incident Submission and Customer Cooperation
If a customer encounters errors or abnormal behavior while buying any products, they can report this by calling a telephone number directly, or through a chat box, or email.

For AZ Savvy to provide Support, the customer must provide AZ Savvy with information and cooperate as required by AZ Tools House. Information concerning the occurrence can be given to AZ Savvy in the following ways, without limitation:
•    Inaccessible or malfunctioning parts of the Service
•    A user's experience with an incident
•    Timing of the incident
•    Steps were taken to solve the incident
•    Data from log files that are relevant
•    Message text for any errors

Incident Response
Every incident is given a priority level by AZ Tools House's Support personnel. Here is the ranking we follow to give customers support.

Priority Ranking    Description    Timing of response
Level 1    Many users report that the operation of the Service has been as good as it was.    3 Hours
Level 2    There is responsiveness and function, but performance has deteriorated.    1 Day
Level 3    The Service's performance won't be affected significantly, but the user experience may be compromised.    3 Days

Here are the scenarios where our support team is not liable to provide support:
•    Inadequate documentation or unauthorized uses of the Service by Customer
•    Problems related to the Internet, Unforeseen circumstances, or any factors that AZ Savvy cannot reasonably control
•    Client's equipment, software, network connectivity, or other objects
•    Omissions, errors, or acts by third parties
•    Client cooperativeness, unprofessional, or abuse

Everything Is Personal!
Our representatives easily personalize every interaction by leveraging modern customer service technologies.
Our staff communicates proactively with customers based on their entire conversation history. As a result, Customer experience is improved.

Additionally, all customer representatives are strictly prohibited to share anything with any unrelated groups or third parties. So, your information and documents will remain safe.

Mobile-friendly Customer Support
Customers shopping online account for more than 50% of all Singaporean shopping, so mobile-friendly customer support is a must.
That's why we have developed mobile-friendly customer service so that customers can reach us instantly without disruption.
Whether you want to do online chat, click-to-call, and SMS text from your mobile, everything will be easy-going.

Delivery and Shipping Policies
Uncertainty about shipping and delivery policies irritates customers the most. That's why we try to deliver and ship products in the soonest possible time frame.

You can reach us through any communication mode if you are not getting the product within the already told time frame. We will carry out swift action to resolve the problem the soonest.

Return and Warranty policies
Occasionally, customers may return products if they are not satisfied with them. Thankfully, our return policy is completely clear.
So, you will have a clear view of the requirements of returning a product and the time frame. Please have a look at our return policy to learn everything in detail.
Even if you have still any confusion regarding this, we are available. Our customer representatives will guide you clear your questions.

We Try To Provide Real Solution
Our goal is to impress you by solving your complaints soonest in the best way. Our commitment to supporting your problem or request is based on exigency, transparency, and full satisfaction instead of responding over sensitively.
Taking Everything Seriously

Our team takes your issues in all earnestness, with an adequate sense of necessity, consideration, and understanding.
Taking action is preceded by listening carefully, making notes, and making sure we understand.
We are responsible for escalating matters that cannot be resolved immediately to a manager.